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media art

paintings and drawings


Stain is this year's featured artist. View Stain's works: Weathered Souls, Nature's Demand and Hidden (featured above). Also, see the art section to look at this year's spectactular selection of visual artists.


"There were false teeth. Minnie is the only person I know who looked damn right glamorous with her false teeth compared to her regular God given pearls."

A Lament in Three-Part Harmony
by Rebecca Green

Creative Non-Fiction

"Still in bed, I could hear many sounds from different types of people announcing that their food booths were ready and inviting people to a cheap breakfast. The chitchat of children on their way to school demonstrated that they were not as busy as the adults."

The Beauty of the Countryside
by Minh-Hue Khuu

Listening Lounge

New to the Review this year, the Listening Lounge lets the Poet speak and the Musician play.

Go Listen


"It begins
with a pulling in,
the chilled air
sluicing into
then out
of the lungs
and a
certain slowing
of the heart."

by Steven Quig

About Us

The Licton Springs Review showcases art and literature created by students, faculty, and staff of North Seattle Community College. Find out more about NSCC, the Literary Guild, and the Licton Springs Review.

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