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Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader,

This edition of Licton Springs Review has come to fruition through a historic level of natural disruption and social uprising. The coronavirus and civil unrest completely transformed day-to-day life, including the production of this magazine. The Black Lives Matter movement took off nearing the completion of this work, emphasizing the role of art and writing in the fight for justice and equity. At LSR, adaptability became key to the production process. There were moments when publication seemed impossible, but the artists and writers at North were a constant inspiration. This magazine demonstrates our devotion to the arts.

I am happy to have had the opportunity to work with the creators at North. Please never stop creating; the world needs your voice.

All the best,

Maeve Flynn
Managing Editor
Licton Springs Review 2020


Managing Editor – Maeve Flynn
Layout Editor – Katelyn Falconer
Faculty Advisor – Tracy Heinlein

Selection Committee Members
Natasha Richardson
Olivia Bernard
Elijah Janka Garrard
Chrisdene Cloud
Michael Walters


We thank North Seattle College, former President, Dr. Warren Brown; Vice Presidents, Peter Lortz and Andrea Johnson; Dean of Humanities, Brian Palmer; Dean of Student Life, Maria Acob-Nash; Janet Hoppe-Leonard; Student Leadership and Multicultural Programs; NSC Art Group; Writer’s Guild; Campus Security; Faculty: Molly Tenenbaum, Kennan Knudson, Cristobal Borges, Vladimir Vilkevich, Michael Chaplin, Steven Quig, Caroline Pew, Danny Blackman, Melissa Grinley, Fumiko Schaub, Justina Rompogren, Amanda Knowles, Kelda Martensen, Paul Komada, Emily Gherard, Daphne Minkoff, Michelle Kelly, Lynne Hull, Paula Rebsom, Hugh Miller; IT department; Adam Hayes, Dale Nelson. Our volunteer staff was crucial to the completion of this book. Without them, it wouldn’t exist. Thank you so much!

We are truly grateful to all who displayed the courage to share their work. Submissions are now open for Licton Springs Review 2021.