Bliss – Nicole Fendi

I have known the perfect happiness of warm homey soup, 

Steaming in grandma’s favorite pot, bliss under the summery rain, 

Loving devotion in the dog’s eyes, and the giggles that caress my sister’s tiny lips, 

Wrapped in the safety of my mom’s arms beneath my childhood blanket, 

Warmth in grandpa’s wrinkled smile, hideous fuzzy sweaters, mom’s cup of chamomile tea, 

Guilty laughter over dad’s lame jokes, the pitter-patter of the sturdy roof, 

Chaotic family game nights, high-stakes monopoly, mortifying victory dances, 

Mom’s inevitable and never-ending forehead kisses. 

And I have seen the love that wraps the house like a tight bundle, 

Overflowing, never-ending, reckless crimson love, 

Cuts deeper than mom’s hurtful words, and dad’s broken promises, 

Comforting angry tears, broken hearts, crumbling walls, black hearts, 

Kissing my sister goodnight, when my mom couldn’t.