Bloodless – Afsara Sadiya

My body is  

a soulless garden, 

my heart full  

of bitter weeds 


Not even a  

single seed planted, 

ever grows from  

my broken knees 


Your teeth are drenched  

in fire and life, 

dripping mouth 

piercing leaves  

I have shed 


I assume you are feeding 

my roots once again, 

but you make me  

a bloodless 

garden instead 


This skin rots  


an eternity or two 

but no one dries these 

green veins  

quicker than you 


My thin stems  

are grounded in your  

icy thick breath, 

and nothing is more ruthless  

than a death that’s burning  



Your mouth traces my body 

like the rain I once knew,  

but now that you’re the shade 

this fragile land  

is turning