Empty – Lenny Brown

You are the swift wind 

Travelling over verdant forest to bubbling ocean 

You’ve canoed the flowing, peaceful rivers 

The kind, helpful branches deliver their untouched fruits — only for you. 


Your untroubled heart is a tranquil station 

Behold the brandnew benches and clean surfaces 

You are the first to walk these fine, marble halls  

They comfortably stretch on for heavenly distances — only for you. 


You have covered the trackless, newborn snow 

The joy spreads unstoppably from your head to your toes 

You are held by the sunny embrace of the quiet winter 

The dancing flurries and majestic snowflakes play merrily — only for you. 


The world spins and whirls with only your single pair of eyes to see it 

You are utterly alone.