Let Me Tell You Now – Steven Garmanian

Let me tell you now 
Before the rain starts to run 
rivers down the windowpanes 
Or leaves lose their trees 
Or birds stop at night and sing 
No more until the morning 
Let me tell you now 
Before I lose faith in my thought 
And courage whispers quietly 
Behind the door I wish to open 
And I can still see the trail 
Of reason that led me here 
Let me tell you of my dream 
The soft, simple place 
Draped across my skin 
like a comforter 
When the air lacks heat 
A path along the shore 
And the ocean’s syllables 
All vowels lapping 
A word, maybe words 
That slow my heart 
Let me tell you now 
Before I lose my nerve 
And the ocean and clouds 
Round with water blessings 
Lay thick where I draw breath.