Sweetness – Afsara Sadiya

My hands grasp you, 




traces of cinnamon  

explode on my tongue  

within the sweetness  

of honey 


I inhale  

your hazy heat,  

the swirls of vapor 



as if they are  

my own words, 

but are being spoken  

without me 


the scent of sweetness  

grows stronger  

every time I  

bring you close 


the warmth spreads 

into my hands,  

which then makes 

its way past 


and into the rest  

of my body,  

replacing the chill that’s 

always calling 


your edges are stained  


from the previous nights  

I spent with you 


like yesterday, full of  

something else  

something even sweeter  

and richer 


tomorrow, your sweetness  

I will taste  

in all this bitterness misplaced,  

as long as my hands 


can grasp you,