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Posts published in “Poetry”

“Solider” by Ina Storck

I have known the mundane tiredness of cacti.Something far from shrill, sweating in the sun,weeping in the rain, yawning through the day,standing ten feet tall,…

“To Church” by Alicia Plante

A spring day so ripetulips in the church gardenhave blown inside outlike cheap red and yellow umbrellas,cherry blossom confettilitters the pavement,and the sky is fullof…

“the poets” by Ayanna Ferrer

i wanna be like herXiomara Batista i wanna be like himRudy Francisco i wanna be like them, incredible performing poetswith words that glideand dive off…

“bird bard” by Tommy O’Riley

i heard a bird this morninga crow i know was performing a poemwith no noteshe knew it all line by lineand he was irreverent as…

“Butterflies” by Yolanda Lopez

They cocooned so softly, so tenderly.I watched you as you fell asleep next to me and all I could do was smile.Smile and wonder how…

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