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Posts published in “Student”

“Hues” by Bianca Dumitrescu

Hues I have known the calm of horizon’s end, where earth kisses the sky, serenity in grains beneath our feet, soothe in crashing waves’ rhythmic…

“Echoes of Adolescence” by Elmi Muaad

In locker-lined halls, secrets unfold, Homework piles, a never-ending hold. Teenage hearts, a labyrinth of desire, Crushes bloom, setting souls on fire. Final bell rings,…

“She and He” by Tiki Smith

Snow crunched under their boots as they walked. She brought her hands up to her face, breathinginto them. Her breath came out steamy and did…

“The Cell” by Rayne Renney

I wake up in a dim cell. It is cramped and has no window. There’s no cot or toilet. There’s a huge, shut metal door…

“Buddy” by Lilly Richardson

Buddy’s ears, bring me to tears, my little Chihuahua, I’m your mama, tiny paws, enlarged heart, black and white fur, never been so sure, with…

“Solider” by Ina Storck

I have known the mundane tiredness of cacti.Something far from shrill, sweating in the sun,weeping in the rain, yawning through the day,standing ten feet tall,…

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