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“the poets” by Ayanna Ferrer

i wanna be like herXiomara Batista
i wanna be like himRudy Francisco
i wanna be like them,
incredible performing poetswith words that glideand dive off my tongueflying into the air like acrobatscaptivating
                 and capturingthe audience.i wanna be greatlike Maya Angelouand Rupi Kaur
i wanna be a woman of many word,
words that plant seeds in brainsand water themuntil they grow into talland strong ideas
i wanna be like the poets!
who reached outand took hold ofa personi didn’t even knowwas in there
i wanna be like the poets!
who rippled thoughtsinto a mindi didn’t even know had grown
i wanna be like the poets!
who rescued a young girl
from the grasps
of anxiety
and insecurity
and gave her something else
to define herself by
so this is for the poets,who changed mewith wordsthat begged the question
who do you want to be

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